collaborative platform for the study of motion technologies in sport and health

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MotionWorkshop is a collaborative platform supported by INRIA, UGA, INP Grenoble and CNRS. This platform is dedicated to the study of new technologies for the analysis of motion in real conditions such as sports practice and clinical orthopedics. MotionWorkshop offers projects in which Grenoble INP and UGA students can take part in Computer Sciences, Mathematics, Biomechanics (STAPS) and Signal Processing and for which motion analysis equipment and scientific expertise is available. Medical school students are also welcome, but they are encouraged to team up with participants with a background in technology. MotionWorskhop offers a collaboration with professional sports coaches through a close partnership with the training center TSF (Tremplin Sport Formation) and Inolab on the campus of La Brunerie in Voiron. Although sports practice and clinical orthopedics are the main topics, any application interested in the study of movement is welcome, such as 3D animation, biology or choreography, to name a few. This project is supported by the LABEX_PERSYVAL program.

Partners: TSFInolab

Scientific advisors

The scientific committee of MotionWorkshop gathers multidisciplinary expertise of researchers in Computer Science, Biomechanics and Signal Processing:

Current projects

The key aspect of the project is to focus on live approaches to maintain the constrain to study motion in real-life situation. In particular in sports, on-going collaborations currently include works with top-level groups for analysis and improvement of performance. Any new project is welcome, please contact one of the scientific advisor.

3D motion analysis in Speed Climbing,
with FFME and UCBL
Evaluation of kick off in Rugby,
with FCG Rugby
Performance analysis in BMX,
with FFC


MotionWorkshop offers access to a wide range of wireless technologies equipment which can be brought on site:

High-end equipment from the scientific laboratories can also be solicited for specific experiment:

Additional equipment can be purchased on request for specific project.